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Custom Low Volume Solutions

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Turnkey Embedded Solutions


Here at Goodbit Designs, we work closely with you and your team to design and build turnkey embedded solutions to meet your exact goals, schedule, and budget.  We work with a wide range of clients across numerous industries to develop embedded products, prototypes, and custom solutions.

In addition to developing full solutions, we also provide several engineering services including embedded hardware design, embedded and application-level software development, mechanical design and analysis, and independent design reviews. 


See the Engineering Services section below for more details.


Goodbit Designs was founded with the simple goal of providing the market with a highly-skilled and dependable source of embedded engineering services.  We are a group of smart, creative, and high-energy individuals who absolutely love our work and developing world-class solutions and services for our customers!


Core Values:

-  Clients receive ALL design files

-  We only accept jobs that are a good fit

-  We maintain the highest level of confidentiality for all of our clients


See our About and Values page for more details.

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Engineering Services

Hardware Design

  • circuit design and simulation

  • schematic capture

  • PCB layout

  • testing, analysis, and debugging

  • automated tests

  • reverse engineering

  • thorough documentation

  • embedded software development (firmware)

  • apps, web apps, and cloud-based services

  • architectural design

  • testing, analysis, and debugging

  • version control

  • thorough documentation

Software Development

mechanical engineering

The following mechanical engineering services are generally performed during the development of an embedded systems project.  However, sole mechanical engineering services can be provided on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us for details.


  • 3D modeling of parts and assemblies

  • stress analysis

  • kinematic analysis

  • structural analysis

  • thermal analysis

  • finite element analysis (FEA)

  • proper material selection

  • source suppliers

  • thorough documentation

Third-party design reviews are a great way to evaluate a product design before investing heavily in the later phases of the development cycle. 


Our thorough analysis identifies issues that may have been overlooked and provides a fresh perspective that can reduce costs, complexity, and risks.  During this process, we also consider the overall project objectives and provide recommendations not only for correcting issues but also for augmenting current features and suggesting new ones that can be achieved within the same schedule and budgetary constraints.


Other considerations include:

  • Technical performance (e.g., features, power consumption, responsiveness, accuracy, latency)

  • DFMA (Design For Manufacturing and Assembly)

  • sustainability

  • maintainability

  • modularity

Independent reviews


Whether you need a prototype built quickly or with the utmost attention to detail, we can help!  We will work with you to provide the best possible solution based on your requirements and available time and budget.  There's nothing we love more than helping others turn their ideas into reality!

We will work with you through the full product development cycle; starting from the concept phase, through the design, develop, test, and refine iteration(s) and finally, we will help you get up and running with a contract manufacturing.  Call to discuss your project with us and get started today!

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