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Who are we?

Welcome to Goodbit Designs, your embedded systems development and consulting service!


Goodbit Designs was founded with the simple goal of providing the market with a highly-skilled and dependable source of embedded engineering services. 


Some of our services include:

  • the design and development of embedded hardware and embedded software

  • rapid prototyping (incl. 3D modeling and 3D printing)

  • low volume fabrication

  • independent hardware and software design reviews

  • testing and debugging

  • automated instrumentation testing

  • failure and security analysis


See the Engineering Services section on our Home page for more information.



We are a small engineering team which allows us to give your project the focused attention it deserves.  Our smaller size has the benefit of efficient communications and minimal red tape, allowing us to make progress quickly and remain agile to changing project requirements.


We believe this, along with our strong set of core values is what truly sets us apart from the others.  Visit our Values page for a clear understanding of what you can expect when working with Goodbit Designs.


Whether you need insight into the feasibility of a potential product idea, a quick proof-of-concept electronics prototype, or you need help through the rest of the product development process, we have you covered!


Call or email us at any time to discuss your project.  Visit our Contact page for more information.




Clarke Monroe is an energetic and hardworking embedded systems engineer who truly loves developing high-quality embedded devices.  For him, the field of embedded systems strikes the perfect balance between his enthusiasm for electronics and programming, and his tendency to be detailed oriented and downright tenacious when it comes to solving difficult problems.


For the last ten years, Clarke has worked on a wide variety of embedded devices through all stages of the development lifecycle.  His endless curiosity and insatiable appetite to learn continues to keep him connected with others and in tune with current trends, technologies, tools, and techniques within this highly evolving field.

Past Projects Slide Deck

The following is a brief review of a few projects I've worked on.  The number of projects is limited to those with the permissible disclosure of information. 


Click on the slides to enlarge.


Clarke first started developing embedded devices ten years ago for a university-based startup called Dot Metric Technologies.  After which he earned his Masters in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech and spent one year as an automation engineer for an Atlanta-based company called Factory Automation Systems.


Clarke then started working as an embedded systems engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI).  For over four years he successfully coordinated, executed, and later supervised the development and testing of software for various embedded systems on military aircraft and associated test equipment for projects sponsored by the US Air Force and the Air National Guard.  He later made significant contributions to developing a new open-source standard for mission computers for the US Navy.  Following the initial release of this standard, Clarke accepted a new position at The Coca-Cola Company.


At The Coca-Cola Company, Clarke was the sole engineer responsible for developing embedded hardware and software for several custom consumer engagement mobile robotic vending units, each a different version of what's known as Cobot.  Clarke then served as the technical lead on a new complex research effort involving automation equipment, precise data collection, a design of experiments, cryogenics, and significant analysis involving both thermo- and fluid dynamics.  At the successful conclusion of the R&D phase of this project, Clarke then went on to start his own company.


In 2017, Clarke founded Goodbit Designs with the simple goal of providing the market with a highly-skilled and dependable source of embedded engineering services.




Georgia Institute of Technology

M.S. in Electrical Engineering


UNC Charlotte

B.S. in Electrical Engineering


Profile Picture of Clarke Monroe
Past Projects Slide Deck


Clarke is great to work with. He is an intentional listener meaning he seeks to completely understand the problem and at the same time conceptualize a customer-centric solution. Clarke is also technically very knowledgeable and possesses the electrical engineering capabilities to create cost-effective, yet functional products. I highly recommend Goodbit Designs whether it is for a simple home-type project or for complex industrial work.


Ryan Livingston

Passionate is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Clarke Monroe. I have had the pleasure of knowing Clarke since early 2016 when we first worked together on a project at Coca-Cola. Above all, I was most impressed by Clarke's ability to maintain focus, rally his team towards a common goal, and balance technical and managerial tasks with so much ease, it was almost frustrating. Most of all, Clarke is not only a skilled engineer, but also a great leader and a good friend. 


"Clarke and I began our professional relationship in 2012 when we began working together on a project at Georgia Tech Research Institute. Since then, Clarke and I have worked closely on several major projects and he has always demonstrated extreme professionalism and competency in engineering. Among all of his great characteristics, there are three qualities about Clarke that I admire the most: 1. His drive to excel in everything he does by being thoughtful and tactful in every decision he makes. 2. His ability to adapt and learn new technologies with ease. 3. His constantly friendly attitude and how much he loves his family. Having known Clarke in a professional setting and as a personal friend for almost 5 years now, I can affirm his technical aptitude, moral character, and the enjoyment of working with him."

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